Q- Is it ok to come to Ocean Beach with family on the weekend?

  • Ocean beach is extremely loud & lively on Friday and Saturday evenings. Please be aware it can be difficult to sleep with noise from neighboring restaurants. Also Mathew’s restaurant is extremely loud on Thursday nights as well.

Q- I’m coming with extra people to stay in my room, is this ok?

  • Due to limited space, most rooms are very small throughout Ocean Beach. There are also Ocean Beach Village Fire Marshall occupancy levels, which are strictly enforced. Please adhere to published occupancy level for all Palms Hotel’s rooms, we do not allow cots, sleeping bags, or inflatable mattresses.

Q- Can I bring a small dog?

  • Sorry, out of respect for all of our guests, the Palms Hotel does not allow pets of any kind.

Q- Can I check-in early?

  • We will do our very best to have your room ready early. However, based on occupancy, it is not always possible. All guests are welcome to use all of our amenities pre check-in. Check–in is at 4pm.

Q- Do I need to bring my own beach chairs?

  • The hotel provides complimentary beach towels, wagons, umbrella’s and beach chairs free of charge.

Q- Do you allow Children?

  • Of course! The Palms Hotel is family friendly. We strongly encourage family stays. Most of our suites are set up for family’s with kitchens and living rooms.

Q- How do I get to your hotel?

  • Ocean Beach is located on Fire Island, which is only accessible from ferry or boat. There are NO cars allowed on the island. You can take the ferry out of Bay Shore, NY. For ferry times please refer to www.fireislandferries.com and click on the OCEAN BEACH schedule.

Q- Do you offer specials?

  • Yes, specials are typically offered in May and June. We do post periodic specials during the season which can be seen on our “Specials Page” on our website. Please always check our website for any specials we may run.

Q- What is your cancellation policy?

  • Cancellation can be made the day of your reservation. If you do wish to cancel, a credit in the amount of your deposit will become a Palms Credit. The credit will be valid Sunday-Thursday and will expire 1 year from the reservation date.

Q- Do your rooms have private bathrooms?

  • Yes! All of our rooms have private bathrooms. We also have outdoor showers for our guests to use pre and post check in.

Q- Is Breakfast served daily?

  • A light fare of assorted pastries and fruit with Starbucks Coffee is served on weekends at our Palms Courtyard area. However we do have breakfast baskets for sale, which ordered 24 hours in advance can be delivered to your room any day of your stay. Check out our private events section of the website to learn more about the breakfast baskets.

Q- Can I smoke in the guest rooms?

  • No. All of our guest rooms are non-smoking and we have very sensitive smoke detectors. This fire alarm system is for your protection. It meets all current fire department standards, you should always inquire about the alarm system in any hotel that you stay in. FYI- Old unrenovated buildings do NOT have the same requirements as new hotels such as ours. A fine in the amount of $250.00 will be charged to your credit card immediately if you do smoke inside the rooms.

Q- If I am not staying at Palms Bay, can I still use the Palms Bay Private Beach?

  • YES! No matter what location you are staying at you can use all the amenities at each one of our locations, including our Palms Courtyard, Palms Bay Beach and Palms Bungalow Patio. Use of all of our properties are subject to closure due to private events. In those instances, guests are welcome to use all other available properties.

Q- If I come early can I leave my luggage somewhere?

  • All of your luggage can be stored in a secure area known as our LOFT. You will receive a claim ticket for your belongings. We have outdoor showers and changing rooms that any guest may use until their room is ready or even after they check out.

Q- Does your hotel have housekeeping services?

  • Yes, cleanliness is a high priority at The Palms Properties. You can expect to have your room cleaned twice daily at the hotel. There are no additional charges for cleaning, regardless of the length of your stay. We offer turn down service to replenish towels, paper goods and our signature product line- L’Occitane. Guests may have laundry or ironing done by our housekeeping staff upon request for a small fee.
  • Can I get married on the Beach? Can I get married on the Village Dock?

  • Yes- The use of any Village Property will require the following:
  • 1. Application for Public Mass Assembly Non-Refundable (fee $250.00) For Wedding Use.
  • 2. You will need to supply a Certificate of Insurance with a minimum of $1,000.00 naming the Village of Ocean Beach as an additional insured.
  • 3. Police Department must be informed. Additional charges for police security may be applicable at a rate of $150 per hour.
  • 4. Beach area can not be roped off for privacy.
  • 5. No drinking or eating on the beach.
  • Can I get married on The Palms Bay Beach?

  • Yes, guests may rent The Palms Bay Beach for exclusive use. We include 100 white chairs and a red aisle with a canopy. Personal Attendants are required in addition to space rental. There is a 3 hour minimum requirement for space rental with an additional charge for each additional hour. There is a 5 hour minimum requirement for personal attendants. See our Private Events section of our web site for rates.
  • There are no permits required as The Palms Hotel is privately owned.