The Palms Bungalows

From a 1930′s Rooming House to The Palms Bungalows The property known as 8 Bungalow was one of several properties owned by The Stretch Family. George Stretch was a Real Estate Professional since the 1930′s and Lucille Stretch was credited with teaching many Ocean Beach children- now full fledged adults how to swim. The building operated as a very basic rooming house for many years. The renovation and revitalization was a significant undertaking. For starters, the entire sinking structure needed to be lifted out of the mud where it had been sitting for many years. The floor boards and joists were completely and dangerously deteriorated. This was a severely neglected building which was in great need to rescue. We were willing to take the challenge, knowing it’s true potential. The Palms Group has many different types of accommodations, but one area that we saw that was lacking was a space for The Perfect Romantic Getaway. Each room features a King Size Bed, some with balconies. The second level rooms all feature cathedral ceilings which are illuminated by stunning chandeliers. The accompanying sconces further create the opulent feel. The art was created by Sia Arya- this choice was made because of the seductive and sultry quality of the —design. Champagne Metallic CremeWallpaper in most second floor rooms creates a finished design quality that guests of our hotel have come to enjoy and expect. Our first floor was designed in a cool tone of blue- aptly called, Summer Shower- the contrast of the cool walls and crystal detail with white fabric becomes a cool retreat on sweltering beach days. Each room includes bed trays to encourage in room dining for those nights, where a party of two is the only agenda.